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It’s hard to ignore the popularity and viral cosplay sensations on Instagram at the moment. Cosplay girls are everywhere!

Whether you like your cosplay authentic, or enjoy the playful nature of boudoir – these female cosplayers are definitely worth following!

1. Anna Faith


Florida favorite Anna Faith is well known in the cosplay community. She is widely known for her Disney cosplays, specifcally Queen Elsa from Frozen. Anna has since branched out and can be seen portraying film characters such as Rey from Star Wars and the ever popular Harley Quinn from Batman.

Anna’s attention to detail in her costumes, as well as her community engagement make her a fan favourite. Definitely worth following this cosplay girl.

2. Rianna Care (or Rianna Care) is a female cosplayer from Canada. Her images are the perfect balance of sexy and authentic. Favorites include Ashe from League of Legends, and Star Guardian Ahri.

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3. Karrigan Taylor


Like fellow cosplay girl Anna Faith, Karrigan is also from Florida and known for Disney cosplays (must be an Orlando thing!)

Karrigan has build up an impressive fanbase – and is there any wonder? Some great photoshoots and a sense of “orlando fun” to all her cosplays. Her Metal Gear solid cosplay is worth checking out.

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4. Andy Rae

Andy is the real deal when it comes to cosplay girls – and has built up a great fanbase amongst fellow cosplayers, girls, guys and gamers.

Her Instagram is filled with glossy photoshoots and very impressive costumes.

What we really love about Andy is her Twitch channel. Her love for the source material is really apparent here so go and check out Andy’s channel.

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5. Mikomi Hokina

It wouldn’t be a list of top cosplay girls without some racier photoshoots right….right?

Belgium’s Mikomi Hokina is next up on the list. Her large following means she is definitely worth a look in!

Mikomi is definitely from the “boudoir” school of cosplayer but we’re not complaining.  Her Patreon boasts extensive lingerie and duo shoots so be sure to check that out too if boudoir cosplay is your thing.

Here is picture of her wearing some clothes…because this is a list of cosplay girls (so clothes are needed).

6. Evenink


It’s hard to ignore Irina Sabetskaya,  real name Evenink. Aged 23 and from Belarus, Evenink is a cosplay girl making waves in the community.

Her cosplays include characters from Overwatch, Final Fantasy and Harry Potter.

It’s fair to say much of her fame has come from her boudoir work – and is there any wonder? She has an impressive portfolio and some great cosplay shoots to her name.

7. Phoenix  Spider


Phoenix Spider is something of a national treasure in the UK cosplay scene.

Marvel characters feature extensively in her work and works on high quality realistic cosplays, as well as an occasional boudoir shoot.

Phoneix’s Instagram channel is a great resource – a candid look at the ups and downs of cosplaying.

She recently revealed she has been recovering from a medical issue. We wish her a speedy recovery!

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Lindsay Elyse


Lindsay Elyse is a cosplayer, eSport team member and twitch streamer based in Phoenix AZ.

She has amassed large Instagram following, not just because of her great cosplays, but because she hand makes, and sews all her costumes. Her recent techniques include 3D printing.

Lindsay’s cosplay’s are high concept – check out Rey from Star Wars below.

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9. Lakota the Strange

Lakota is a Texas based cosplayer specialising in costume creation and lewds (her words).

A cosplay girl to watch if her popularity increases are anything to go by – check out her Patereon page.


After more cosplay girls to follow?

That concludes our run down of some of our favorite cosplay girls on instagram but there are many more great cosplayers who we didn’t have room to mention.

Be sure to checkout out Reddit’s Cosplay Girls subreddit, or engage in the great communities on social media sites such as Instagram.

Who are your favourite cosplay girls? Be sure to comment below!